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About Us

We are Future Oriented

It is not so important for us to receive a commission in a one-time transaction, but to make you happy for many years from the fact that we helped you make a successful investment. And we will also take care of the safety of your home during your absence in Tenerife or help you rent it out. Your property can bring you income!



All real estate transactions in Tenerife. Organization and execution of transactions



Keeping keys, paying utility bills, renting out, paying rental income



Rent apartments and villas in Tenerife for holidays in the best areas of Tenerife

“The best time to invest is yesterday. You can start today. The sooner you start investing, the better”
Warren Buffett

We have been working since 2013

Our agency has been operating in the Tenerife real estate market since 2013. After the end of the economic crisis, the tourist flow to Tenerife quickly recovered, and with it the interest of investors and just people who would like to buy a house on the island.

We value the trust of our customers and do everything possible for our customers to maintain a high level of trust in us and value our reputation

Personal service, Communication – Key to success

MCM Real Estate

MCM Real Estate

Let’s start cooperation

To begin with, you should determine the total amount of investments that are needed to buy a house.

In the field of real estate, we will help you to thoroughly determine the area of ​​the island and the type of real estate, conduct an investment analysis, and familiarize you with possible financing.

Contrary to popular belief, you will need the services of a property management company even before you buy a house. We will analyze the market for you and determine the most likely level of rental income. Having an experienced management company is the key to a successful investment.

To know each other

The true value we exchange in economic transactions is not money, but energy

Understanding Your needs

The real estate market will always exist. In a civilized world, a roof over your head is as important as clothing and water.

Determining your goals

With a good strategy, you can become financially independent by applying basic business principles to your real estate investment.

we are constantly developing

We use progressive and technological real estate sales systems

We participate in professional affiliate programs not only in Spain

Your Realtor

Assistance in the selection of real estate, transaction support at all stages


Consultations on areas, cost, types of real estate in Tenerife


Assessment of the investment attractiveness of the selected object


Prepare documents for buying or selling your home

“The smart investor’s best guarantee against risk is not retreat, but diversity”
David Harding

our team of specialists works for you

Feel free to ask us any question, we love and know Tenerife, we will help you with business and advice!

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    Useful Information FAQ

    Agency fees?

    The standard commission rate for the sale or purchase of real estate is 5%. Sometimes the percentage may be lower or higher depending on the urgency of execution or the specifics of the object.

    Are there any restrictions for foreigners?

    There are no restrictions on the purchase or sale of real estate by foreign citizens in Tenerife. You can safely choose, we will help you make a deal

    What is included in the price of the house on the site?

    The price of the property shown on our website includes a commission to our agency. The buyer pays taxes and fees upon purchase, separately. On average, they are plus 10% to the price indicated on the site.

    What is the prepayment amount upon purchase?

    Typically, the prepayment upon purchase is 10-20% of the total value of the property. The rest of the amount is paid by bank check when signing the bill of sale at the notary

    Decided to sell your house?

    All real estate transactions involve a certain amount of risk. Even the most insignificant purchase and sale transaction can be significantly complicated by the actions of the provisions of the family, civil and tax codes.

    Selling real estate at the most favorable price and in the shortest possible time requires advertising costs, time, obtaining up-to-date information about interested buyers from a variety of sources, including those closed for wide use.

    Therefore, if you want to safely sell real estate quickly and at the best possible price, then contact the professionals.

    Want to involve multiple agencies?

    At first glance, it seems that contacting several real estate agencies in order to sell your home will attract a wider audience of potential buyers and help you sell your property faster at a better price. However, those who are already familiar with the real estate market know that in practice everything happens exactly the opposite.
    The fact is that the circle of potential buyers of each property is limited. And the base of objects, which is used by most agents, immediately allows you to determine the property offered by different agents. It turns out that agents begin to compete for the same customers, and the easiest way to stand out from other agents is to offer a lower price. A potential buyer will be the first to respond to an offer with a lower price. At the same time, agencies will save on advertising, without having guarantees of receiving remuneration.

    A professional exclusive agent will diligently advertise your property in order to attract all potential buyers at the highest price and provide you with all the offers from which you can choose.

    Taxes on the sale of real estate?

    When selling your property, you pay 3% of the sale price, Plusvalía tax (increase in the cadastral value of housing). The property must be free of IBI (annual tax) and utility bills.

    How to prepare a house for sale?

    To sell your property more profitably, you need to give it a neat appearance. You should not do a global renovation, as the costs of selling an apartment will not pay off.

    The apartment should be clean and fresh. Clear the premises of unnecessary things, remove rubbish from the terrace, you can even take out some of the furniture to make the apartment visually seem more spacious

    We highly recommend taking good photos of your property, preferably professional ones. High-quality photos increase several times the positive perception of a potential Buyer

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